Application Development

Elegant solutions for complex problems.

The web isn’t just for static content anymore. Increasingly, the web is being used as an enterprise-level environment for application development and deployment. Its ubiquity and platform-independence make the web an ideal foundation for such applications.

We’ve designed, developed, deployed and maintained enterprise-level web applications from the ground up that have enhanced the bottom line for our clients. That kind of experience has put us in the forefront of where the web is today and where it will be going tomorrow. Let us help you cut through the hype of “e-business” to achieve real results with web-based software solutions.

Specializing in custom applications means we’ve worked with clients spanning a number of industries and with a variety of requirements. Examples of our work include:

  • Customized publishing and content management systems
  • Subscription-based content portals
  • E-Commerce and retail web store applications
  • User accounts-based interactive websites
  • Administrative website management and reporting systems
  • Distributed high-volume applications

We have developed applications utilizing a number of technologies. Our specializations include:

  • UNIX-based operating systems (RedHat/Fedora/Debian Linux, FreeBSD/OpenBSD)
  • Apache web server
  • Application development with PHP, Java, Python
  • Web services using XML/SOAP
  • MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle database management