Web Development

Take your corporate website to the next level.

The web has changed how companies manage data and utilize resources. It has ushered in a new age of distributed, platform independent computing. It’s both a marketing tool and a communications device, providing endless possibilities for extending both the reach and power of your enterprise.
Whether developing a new website or redeveloping an existing site our process encompasses several key principles:
  • At its core a website is a business tool meant to address a business problem. In order for a website to be successful those challenges and goals must first be stated and understood.
  • The driving force behind design and interface decisions must be audience expectations and an understanding of the desired outcome of the user’s experience.
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Real-world commercial websites and applications demand an understanding of current technologies and how those technologies can be used to leverage a better ROI.
With offices in the Washington DC Metro area, Long Beach California and the Philippines, we deliver web development solutions for clients locally and throughout the world. Whether you’re looking to redevelop an existing website or launch an entirely new presence, CodeMates.com has the experience and know-how to make your venture a success. We develop cutting-edge websites that are elegant, efficient, and secure.
What makes CodeMates.com the right web development company for you?
  • We bring an acute understanding of modern web and software development principles to every one of our projects.
  • We build bridges that help companies leverage web technologies in new, innovative ways.
  • We partner with interface designers, corporate identity wizards, professional hosting providers and business development specialists to provide comprehensive business solutions for the web.