Web Development

Take your corporate website to the next level.

The web has changed how companies manage data and utilize resources. It has ushered in a new age of distributed, platform independent computing. It’s both a marketing tool and a communications device, providing endless possibilities for extending both the reach and power of your enterprise.
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Mobile Apps Development

From Website to App

We believe that mobile goes beyond apps. To engage customers or enable employees, businesses must be able to expose core functionality to the right people and on the right devices. Consumer-facing mobile products must be rich and engaging, while internal apps must be secure and efficient. Whether through iPhone app development or broader consulting services, our mission is to empower our clients to make the most of mobile.

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About Us

Mission statement

When we founded CodeMates.com in the Fall of 2005 our philosophy was simple: provide reliable, cost-competitive web development services to meet the emerging need for customized applications. We partnered with the best data centers and hosting providers and embraced the most secure, robust development technologies available. The result: we’re able to provide our customers with a unique combination of reliability and value.

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