FightKings.Com Recognizes all Boxing Champions and believes that all Champions of the other boxing organizations are on the same level as the champions of the more recognized IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO boxing organizations.

FightKings believes that some of these Recognized champions have simply benefited from the politics of the game in getting undeserved title shots over ranked contenders due to their connections to certain promoters and TV networks.

FightKings.Com is the Brain Child of Dedicated Boxing Fanatics who Fearlessly tell it as it is.

We give the 13th Round Analysis on the Fight and Glorify the Pure Artistry of the Sweet Science.

We Speak for Real Deal Contenders Denied the shot at the Title by the Dark and Evil forces of Promoters, Player Haters, media/TV Networks, and the greedy boxing organizations.

We search the Jungle world of Under Cards to Crown New Kings

All guided in the Fistic Respect of the Pain and Tears all Boxing Warriors overcome stepping into the Ring to do battle as a Prince. But there can only be one Overlord.

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