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Photo Box Rental
Whether you’re having a wedding, company party, anniversary, graduation party, prom, or any other event, Instant Photo Box is guaranteed to make it fun and memorable. Our Photo Box offers instant high quality pictures in less than a minute.

Why rent a Photo Booth?
Anyone who has been to a wedding with a photo booth can tell you why they are so wonderful to have. Guests young and old will line up to make sure they have their chance to get a photo and have so much fun they’ll do it again.

Why a Photo Box?

  • Compared to a regular Photo Booth, a Photo Box have its advantages:
  • More portable/mobile to find a space
  • Your guests are not confined into a small space
  • More flexibility for the background
  • More handicap accessible. Everyone can join the fun
  • Easier to see how everyone is acting silly and having fun posing
  • More people can be in the photo
  • Quicker to setup
  • Normally cheaper to rent
  • and many more…

How does it work

  • Pick up a prop or two
  • Go in front of the Photo Box and prepare yourself in front of the monitor.
  • Press the big Red button
  • The Photo Box will take 4 photos, counting down before each one so you can change your pose
  • Pick up your photos
  • Enjoy!

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